Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just for the record ...

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I ROCKED PT tonight.

Yep I did.

It kind of went down like this. Well sort of. I don't know what half this stuff is called!

Warm up

30 bosu ball situps.

stair run

30 split box jumps (maybe 6 risers? I should have counted)

stair run

35 bosu ball sit ups

stair run

35 split box jumps

stair run

.... you get the picture

then 40, 45, and 50.

Warm up done. From 40 I ony had two risers on the step.
The last few rounds were so easy when I worked out I could skip the little second jump I'd been taking and just smash them out.

Well maybe not easier, but faster. And that helped.

Part two

Now here is where I have no clue what to call this stuff. So you need to do some imagining. If you can figure out what they are called let me know. If not i'm going to have to video.

Picture two steps - parallel. Maybe 9 or 10 risers underneath. Me in the middle - one hand on each step supporting my weight.

Swing legs back - pushup.

Lift feet swing legs forward.

Tricep dip

Lift feet swing legs back


Repeat 10 times. My arms were burning from supporting my weight but I was shining! I couldnt believe I could do it!

Set two

Same deal.

Pushup - legs forward - tricep dip

Legs middle - lift weight off ground with arms - running motion for 10 counts while body is off ground


I really hope you can picture this cause the burn was awesome!

Set three

Run down stairs - run half a block.

Box jumps on convenient handy cement stairs

Finish block

Go to stupid gym stairs.

Feet at bottom of stairs, hands about 4 stairs up

We do these things he calls "soldier hops" or something like that.

Using hands and feet together "jump" up stairs landing hands and feet at same time

Finish flight of stairs

Swear a little

Run down stairs

Run block


And repeat

One solid hour. It was awesome. I honestly loved it.

I felt so focussed. And strong.

Stretching was good though.

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