Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is going to hurt tomorrow

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When my Pt offered me extra sessions this week to make up for cancelled sessions over the Christmas/New Year week I jumped at it.

It gave me an idea ... and a plan was formed.

This week (and next) have been declared "Smash it up week"

Two weeks till finale.

Two weeks till I see my 12wbt family again.

And oh so close to a healthy weight range.

I've been mucking with those last two kg for too long.

This is it.
My chance to knock them off for good. Come hell or high water I am not going into 2012 overweight.
No way.

Smash it up week started Monday with PT number one. A little of which is recorded here. Monday my trainer told me - if I wasn't sore he was going to quit. I'm kinda glad he changed his mind on that deal.

Tuesday (last night) was PT number two.

Toe taps on a step.

A lot of runs around the block.

Pushups off some random benches

Box jumps off some local walls.

My favourite moment was when we hit a higher wall and he asked if I wanted him to hold my hand for balance. Deep breath. Focus. And I just did the jump. The look on his face was priceless. (and he said the look on mine was too. Sheer Hell no! This is mine!)

Soldier stair jumps on hands and toes

Stair jumps (3 at a time - these are getting much easier - new plan - practise till I can do 4 and suprise him!)


Bosu ball sit ups

Cross trainer intervals
Rowing machine

An awesome session

source pinterest.com

Which leads to today...

0430 wakeup call.

0500 group pt

It was simple really

10min treadmill run to warm up


Part one

25 pushups.(I did them on knees as a concession to pain - but focussed on depth and form

Run down stairs and round block

Repeat till 4 sets

Part 2

Split box jumps. Same again. 25 reps, 4 sets with a run in between each set.

I got to try something new. The first 3 sets I did a split box jump landing on one foot on the step. So much harder but fun! The last set I was over them so nailed out my 25 with two feet landings as hard and fast as I could

Part 3

Long slow situps. Two minutes. Then run block. 4 sets.

Final blast

10 sprints. Sprint up street, jog back.


Stretching never felt sooo good.

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