Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rethinking goals ..

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Round three of 12wbt for 2011 saw me commencing the Lean and strong program.

I was excited.

It was just what I needed.

I needed to feel strong.

I needed to feel worth it.

I needed to feel that it was not about the numbers.

And that's exactly what it did.

I amazed myself. On almost every lift I could lift more than the recomended weight. My body was responding.

With four weeks to go of lean and strong - I should be on a high.

I am ready to nail this.

But my heart, my mind has been telling me another story.

I now know - what I was not in a place to know 8 weeks ago that I need to get back to the business of weight loss.

I don't have a figure in my mind. But I do know I want to lose a little bit more.

It will make my goals so much easier to achieve if I am lighter.

It will get me into that healthy weight range.

It will allow me the joy of running.

And quite frankly- there is still some fat that is not part of who I am hanging about. I want it gone.

Now - I could stick to lean and strong - see it out then lose the weight.

But that wouldn't be true to me.

I've come a long way over this journey - and I trust what I know in my heart.

I am ready to sweat, for cardio again.

I will still do weights and I will still do them strong.

I will still focus on strength with my pt.

That is part of who I am now.

But to be the best version of me - I need to take care of this weight, and I need to focus and get it gone.

So there you go. Lean and strong dropout???


But I don't think so! I AM so much stronger.

And I need to get leaner so the strength will show.

This is all part of the overall plan.

A new challenge is coming for me and I'm excited!

Stay tuned! I may blog it tonight!

Kath xxx


  1. Definetly not a lean & strong drop out!! It's awesome that you did l & s for that long youve learnt so much & discovered you can lift!!! This will help you even more in your journey, you've learnt about the weights so now you can incorporate it in your weightless training! & smash it on toning days ;)

    I'm kind of were your at I have wanted do weights so bad and follow l & s but my body fat percentage is way to high to be getting results so I've been mixing it up cardio & weights. The weights so I can slowly get use to it as I go along so when I'm happy with body fat I'll do the weights program properly! :)

    All the best Kath xo

  2. Hardly a drop out... OMG, this is exactly how I felt last round too... but instead I just piled on the kgs.

    So proud of you for realising this major lesson in such a timely manner, go KAth!!!

    I think you are going to smash all of your goals, and on the days you don't... you know you have a community of support right there for you.