Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PT madness

My favourite time of the week is PT time.
If I had the money I would go more often! It gives me such a rush

I think my PT likes it too.
I refuse to give in.
One day I was lunging with a boxing bag on my shoulder and I was getting pain. Due to my work I am very cautious of shoulder injury and I told him I couldnt hold the bag that way anymore.

He told me to give him the bag.
I said I can't. That would mean giving in, and I'm not going there. I just had to find another way to hold that stupid bag.

Pt makes me strong.
Pt empowers me.

Pt is crazy.
Recent escapes have included

Dragging TWO boxing bags up and down the gym stairs. Repetitively
Box jumps
More box jumps
Higher box jumps
Playing in the park
Kettle bell work (including kettlebell THROWS)
Lunging (with said boxing bag as weight)
Chin ups off the monkey bars
Lots of stairs
Burpees that involved throwing myself into the bosu ball
And more pushups than I can imagine

I love pt.

Can't wait for Thursday night!

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