Monday, November 28, 2011


Imagine anything is possible.

I love this new inspiration singlet from Lorna Jane. Besides the fact it sparkes. Cause that's exactly where I am at. Imagining anything IS possible ... and dreaming up new goals.

Today this is me.
Pre pt. Just as I am.
I have lots of thing I see and want to improve on still.
But I also see so much that makes me smile.

I still have some weight to lose (not too much I promise!)
And those legs can still get a lot more toned.

But I see a healthy confident woman.
I see skin that is clear.
Arms that I don't feel I have to hide.
Shoulder definition!
Collar bones!

But knowing what I know about tonight's pt ... I see a woman who can

A woman who leg pressed 200kg tonight - and focussed on good form and full range .. and then smiled when a grown man took MY weight off the machine so he could use it ;)

A woman who knocked out toe pushups - full depth
A woman who got outside the I can't in her head when the box jumps seemed too high.

A woman who pressed out one more bench press.

A woman who held onto 60kg in a cable row for the eccentric movement - even though it was HARD!

A woman who held a 3 minute plank.

A woman doing situps with 5kg dumbells for that little bit more.

A woman who says yes. And is strong.

I like what I see.

Arms and legs are now shattered. As they should be.

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