Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training as healing

Sometimes bad stuff happens. Stuff you just can't fix - no matter how much you would like to do things differently.

This week was one of those weeks -and in a small country town - it can be hard to find the joy when a tragedy strikes.

Thursday at work was hard. It was the longest, slowest 8 hours I've ever worked.

Turning up to PT was as much of a necessity as a want on Thursday.

I had so much sorrow and anger and sadness inside me. As I said on twitter it was a matter of cry, eat or train. And training it was.

I *heart* my pt. He took one look at me, knew the story of the day and said "You SO don't need to be in a gym - come on - we are having an adventure!"

So - with a run lit only by streetlights we hit the park - and it was healing.

A run in the semi dark, along normally busy streets that are silent at that time of night.

Laughing as he tried to bust his clients ordering junk food at the movies :)

Chin up attempts on monkey bars.

Box jumps on park benches

Spiderman pushups in the damp grass.

Sprints along the main street.

I came with a heavy heart. I ended the session - with the sadness still there - but so much stronger, and with a smile and a laugh appearing again.

Training can heal! What a gift I've been given!


  1. Kath - what a great trainer! I did PT a couple of years ago and didn't have a great experience. I think I was the only overweight person that they'd ever trained and they really had no idea that on day one I couldn't just 'run' and do burpees and the like!


  2. That's so awesome, your PT sounds amazing :) Hope you're doing better xxx