Saturday, November 5, 2011

What scares you?

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What scares you in training?

What is the one thing you always hesitate before?

For me - it is box jumps.

Something about two feet in the air both at once maybe.

Something about it being a completely unnatural motion to me.

Something about the thought of me totally missing the jump and the chaos that will ensue!

When I go to jump a new jump - you can SEE my brain getting in the way.

You can literaly see the negative thoughts when I hesitate.

And then - it happens. I overcome the thoughts and I jump.

And you know - I make it too.

After that the jump is easy. I can do it over and over until I tire.

Until something distracts me and I lose that focus.

Then it becomes scarey again.

The can'ts come into my head.

And I need to convince myself all over again.

It's a lot like this 12wbt journey isn't it.

Before you start it is so overwhelming.

Your head will tell you a thousand times why you will fail.

And then you begin.

And you just do what you have to do.

And keep doing it.

Until you lose focus ...

Then it becomes overwhelming again.

Until you make that first leap in faith, knowing you will make it.

I keep falling off the proverbial wagon...

but getting back on is getting easier and easier each time.

Just like that jump onto that park bench is getting easier with practise.

You just need to ignore the negative thoughts in your brain


  1. This would make a GREAT blogging challenge topic ;)

  2. Hi Kath,
    I'm totally with you on box jumps. We did the step with 8 bricks on each side the other day and I honestly surprised myself every time I made it. Just goes to show that we're all far capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. :)