Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting organised and simplifying

One thing we all love about 12wbt is Mish's recipes! Having a menu planned and shopping list ready is awesome. It's a key factor to the program's success.

This round though, it hasn't been working so well for me. My husband is coeliac so we require gluten free meals. I need quantities for 3 ... Not two. And i seem to have developed asthma symptoms any time i eat bacon or ham. Very annoying.

Not following the menus though has caused me grief. I am not organised, so i am not getting success. It is time for me to take back control.

So i am spending some time getting organised and simplifying.

I am typing the recipes that work for us into an ipad recipe app. It lets me choose our recipes for the week, the number of serves and creates my shopping list.

I can add our favourites, and create our weekly mish approved meals in a flash!

Control back. Now let's get this eating under control!

Time for success!

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  1. I find I am so much happier when I get organized - I hope you find the same peace!

  2. Wow what is the name of that app. Yesterday it took 1 hour to do the menus for the week. Love your blog.

    Louise (gof on 12wbt).

  3. Kath that app sounds fantastic! I only cook for one (usually) and ALWAYS buy too much food which quickly goes off if I can't use it all...What's the app called?