Sunday, July 10, 2011

Your training place is a sacred space

Take home from emazon ... #1

On saturday these words resounded with me. "your training space is a sacred place". We were told it is the one place in the world where we can truly be our true self. Where we can be us, let it all out, the only place without consequences.

When i heard those words i knew there was a message in that just for me.

To begin with ... it made me sad. I wanted a place like that. Not my gym. It serves a purpose but it doesn't feel that way to me. I felt I needed to create a physical space. A training place.

But as the thoughts have unfolded, and I've spoken to others, the realisation has dawned.

That training place, that sacred space, does not need to be a boxing gym, a gym, a dojang, a park, a physically defined area.

That training place - that sacred place, is us. It is the state of mind we create, before we even commence our training. When we go to train, whether we run, lift weights, hit stuff, do classes ... are we going in with the weight of the world on our shoulders? Are we going in worrying about all those things we cannot change? What do people think of us? Are we dressed right? Do we look funny? What happened at work today?

Or are we commencing training with the thought that this time, this time is for us? This is our time to be strong. This is our time to feel free. This is the time to test us. To let our bodies offload all the physical stress we are carrying and to let our mind be free of the encumbrances of the world.

Our training space IS a sacred place. But we can carry that wherever we are.

Today when you train, before you begin stop and breathe. This is your time. This is about you.

Stop and focus. Are you going to let the worries of the world intrude? Or for one hour today are you going to let yourself focus on nothing more than yur training, your breathing, your body...

For one hour is your heart today going to be free?

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  1. Hi Kath, I'm with you about 'my training space'. It is physically wherever we are doing the training, but we must also be there mentally to make it work. This week I'm going to concentrate on the 'zone' that I'm in and make the most of my training, not just going through the motions.