Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am ready.

Excuses over.
Thinking over.
Analysis over.

It is time to start moving toward my destiny.

This week I commit to allowing ME to be the best me I can.

This week I am going to nail my nutrition.
Drink less caffeine and more water (always a struggle in winter)

And I am going to train.

My plan is to mix up the training a little, and start to rediscover what I love.

And to be flexible. If things change they change. But at least I'll be moving forward to being the woman I want to be.

The plan:
Sunday (today) - a long walk. Test out how my body is responding after being sick, and nourish my soul.
Monday - slow run. 3-4k. Taking it easy and listening to my body.
plus zumba tomorrow night. Something just for fun.
Tuesday - Tap class. (basicaly this is my rest day)
Wednesday - Cardio at the gym. Plus maybe pilates.
Thursday - Group Power (like pump) plus zumba
Friday - Run and pilates - interval work
Saturday - Outdoor session - strength and cardio
Sunday -Long slow run

Achievable. Fun. Varied.
Destiny here I come.

(Picture from Pure Nourishment)

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