Monday, July 11, 2011

My blog ... My soapbox...

There is a story behind this post.

But right now, it's not my story to tell.

But i can still stand up on my soapbox and get my message across.

When was your last cpr update. If it's over 12 mths , or you havent done one, honour me, and honour this man by booking into one today, and letting me know in the comments you have.

I don't care how many times you have done it. I dont care if you think you aren't cut out to do that. I dont care if you think you know cpr like the back of your hand.

Be current.

So if you are called on to use it, no matter what the result, you will have no regrets.

And in one years time, if this blog is still being read, i will remind you again.

It matters.


  1. agreed! I keep my first aid certificate up to date - it's such a vital skill to have.

  2. Thanks babe .. reminded me to check when mine is due ... I'm up in September, so I'd better book in soon! x

  3. Hi Kath, I have been reading your blog (I can;t stop)!- have read up to April 2011 so far. I was looking at the 12wbt website/facebook page and found your comments and then your blog. You have inspired me to sign up for the next session starting in August...we sound so similar about weight loss/exercise, if I can achieve as much as you have I will be over the moon. I am joining th gym tomorrow for the start of my journey and then the 12wbt. I have alot of weight to loose but feel I can achieve this with support that everyone seems to giv3e each other. I wish I could start the 12wbt TODAY.