Sunday, July 17, 2011

To all the mum's ... I am giving you permission

Dear mums.

I know you are out there ...

I know there are those of you who WANT to be fitter, stronger, healthier.

I know some of you WANT to walk more often, go to a class, try a new active hobby, lose weight, run ...

But then the BUTS come in.

I get it. Trust me.
I'm a mum, of a very active child. Hardly a day passes when we don't go SOMEWHERE after school for some activity or another.
I'm a wife.

I work.
And soon I may be studying again.

I volunteer.

And help at school.

Like anyone we budget our time and our money.

I get the "buts". But I can't afford it. Hubby/son/daughter won't eat that. I'm just sooo tired. I can't afford a gym. I'd be embarrassed. I have no one to go with.

I do get it. I've used them all.

But you know what? Eventually you have to give yourself permission.

You have to decide that even though you will continue to honour your husband and your children ... you need time for you.

Yes it costs money ... so does fast food and convenience food.

Actually let's be blunter than that.

Yes it costs money ... but so does chronic illness, diabetes, long term health care, aged care, and disability care.

Yes it costs time

But some things are worth the sacrifice.

Can you get up earlier? Workout during kids swim lessons? Cycle to the shops? Involve the kids?

Share babysitting with a friend? Or workout at night when the kids are in bed?

Yes - your partner/husband/kids may not like the change. They may not like the food. (but i bet they will if you pick the meals you serve them!)They won't go hungry. It's easy and cheap to give them a larger serving and add rice, pasta, potato etc as per their needs.

And they may not like you having time to yourself.

But guess what mums?? You DESERVE IT!

Sometimes you need someone to give you permission. It is ok to spend some money on your own health, to eat food that nurtures you, to train, to look after you.

And by doing this you will be a MUCH better mother, wife , daughter and friend than you ever could imagine!

Think of the gift you are giving your family! A happy healthy wife. A mum who is INVOLVEDi in their lives! Your health. Energy. And an example to your kids that this is the NORMAL way to live!!!

Yes - I had to give myself permission. When I joined I had to give myself permission to take time and money for me.

I promise you, ask my man and my girl. One of the best things I ever did.

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  1. Add to that permission for the kids to take a turn sitting/watching while you do your thing. It won't hurt them to sit and watch while you workout/gym/zumba/swim/play a game of netball... whatever! In fact, you're being a great role model! That's one thing I did decide a few years back, and it was the best thing I ever did.