Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Speedwork, intervals and duck walking!!

Today was great!
I think it made such a difference the other day to admit how i have struggled this round, and then decide no more. To draw that line in the sand, to post it publically and be accountable. My head is in a completely different space.

Today started again at 0530 with the rush to get ready for an early shift at work. Then the sprint against time, pick up miss 6 from school and off to gecko kids!

While miss 6 was having a ball at geckos ( rowing, bikes, planks, burpees, and big dice soccer!) I hit the treadmills. I had a promise to keep.

The amazing and genorous rell from Frichot Fitness has been helping me "via twitter" with my runninh. Yep, i have a fair dinkum virtual running coach and more support than I ever imagined! It is so wonderful to have her support.

Rell has written me running programs in the past. And here is the honest truth. I have sort of stuck to them, slacked off, and then panicked for 3 weeks when i realised a fun run was looming and i had limited time to get the miles on my legs!!

My new program helps me reach my BHAG! (big hairy audacious goal!). One fun run a month for 12 months!! Ive come to the realisation, that if i want to do one run a month, i can't be in a panic for 3 of those weeks each month because i slacked off with my training. So i have a radical plan. Train! Stick to the program!

Todays plan was speedwork. Now, i am the queen of sloooooow. I do not do speed. It terrifies me. But i promised rell i would so i did. On the treadmill, 1 k jog then 200m intervals at 11 with recovery in between. Well guess what? I found 11 doable!! So i did them at 11.5! It felt amazng to trust her ... And smash it!!

10min hard on the xtrainer added to the workout ... 350 cal burned during the 40 minutes of gecko kids!! Awesome!!

I also faced my long term pilates fear. I have to admit, i feel taller. We worked with resistance bands which gave some amazing stretches. Perfect for poor runner's hamstrings.

(although i have to be convinced at the duck walking! With resistance bands tied tight around our ankles and in squat position!!!

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