Sunday, July 3, 2011

All kinds of awesome - the expo

Today is Monday.
Life is slowly getting back to normal

Before the reality of the world kicks in I want to try to take some time to try to bottle the feelings from the weekend.
I had the most awesome time.

Better than I ever imagined.

Gold Coast has been the race my husband has always done and I always wished I could do.
I felt like cinderella all weekend. Like something from a dream.

The surreal feelings began when we hit the coast and went to pick up our race numbers. And then went through the expo.

You see - the expo was where the changes I have made kicked in and I realised what I have actually achieved. I've run a few fun runs this year but this is the major one. The one with a huge fair dinkum race expo. And I belonged.

As long as we have been married I have been tagging around to events with my husband. He is a runner, a cyclist and participates in team triathlons (swimmer he is not)
And as I tagged around the expo always made me feel sad.
So many fit people -so many people loving life! (and maybe so many cool things to buy? I do like to shop!)

But I did not belong. I was fat. ( yes I was - no arguing it). I could only walk. Couldn't run, race, ride or swim. But I so wanted to. Just not where I belonged.

We have been married 11 years. For 11 years I did not belong.

But this year was different.

This year I was a runner!!

There ... in my gear, wandering around ooohing and aahhing and looking for bargains I belonged!

I could share stories of events I had been to and sign up for notice of new ones.
Oh and I shopped. BARGAIN TIME!

If you saw me there I swear you would have seen me beaming!!!

I was part of the fit, healthy crowd!
I was doing it!
I was a runner.

I belonged!!!!

I have done it. My life is changed forever.
I am a runner!!


  1. You make me cry - I am so proud of you. Love Mum

  2. Indeed you are. Congratulations on your accomplishment, it is truly incredible!

  3. You're so inspiring!

  4. I just wrote a similar post over at my blog - but unfortunatly I was still stuck in the feeling of not belonging when I went to pick up my race kit. I am really looking forward next year when I can experience what you felt. :)