Thursday, July 14, 2011

Green smoothie time!!

100 caloriea. Packed full of vitamins. And makes enough for me to have for morning tea and afternoon tea.

You just have to trust me!

Take a bowl of fruit, a tray of ice, and a sppon of flaxseed. Sometimes i add fish oil, chia seeds ... Just depends on my mood and what have on hand. Just make sure you check the calories of the fruit you put in. Oh ... And frozen bananas are just like icecream!

Blend. We have a vitamix. It has POWER. No lumpy bits in my smoothies!!! Yum!!!!

If miss 6 has guests over i often stop here ... Kids love pink smoothie!

But for me i add about two handfuls of greens. Spinach today.
Trust me. Im drinking one now. I can taste berrie, i can taste pineapple. I cannot taste the greens at all!!

Packed full of goodness and vitamins. I have some now... Some later in the day. And if any is left we freeze them in iceblock moulds. Smoothie iceblocks! Yum!

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