Friday, July 15, 2011

What I've learned ...

I'ts been an interesting two weeks about here. Some of the stories you know. Some of it you don't. Some of it doesn't really matter.

But I've learned some lessons, because there is stuff there I want to remember.

Firstly - good stuff happens. Amazing stuff. Stuff that makes you smile all day long. Despite the tough times I want to remember that. I want to remember how I felt two weeks ago at Gold Coast (was it really only two weeks ago? It feels like a lifetime). There are times in life when you win. When you conquer old demons. When you feel like you have an army of supporters behind you ... and a whole new world in front of you. And although things are tough at times ... those good times WILL come back. Sometimes you just need to remember that.

And then you have bad times. Times when people pass away. Times when you see those you respect struggle. Times when loved ones end a long battle with illness and you watch those left behind ache and hurt for so many different reasons,and in so many different ways.

You have weeks like the ones we've just had. When your whole family is sick, but life just has to go on. You have hell week. Or two. Or more.

But even amongst the struggles ... there is a lesson in that.

(Photo courtesy Pure Nourishment - check them out! They are awesome!

Tough times don't last. One day the ache will fade. Our family is still there. We love each other. We come through for each other. Tough times don't last.

And I am strong. Stronger than I ever imagined. Physically strong. And capable. When I have needed physical strength - it came through. I always doubted that before. But I am physically strong.

I can be emotionally strong. Yes I cry. I cry easily. Buckets at times. And that is ok. We cry for a reason. Inbuilt pressure guage. Helps with stress levels!

But I have learned that when someone else needs me to be strong - to hold it together so they can fall apart if needed I can be strong. I can be mentally strong. Physically strong. Emotionally strong.

I learned it from my mum. Toughest woman I know.

Tough times don't last. They will end. #Hellweek has to stop one day.

But tough people - they will shine through. Good things are coming.

As one of my favourite bible verses puts it ... " In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33

We ARE going to have trouble. Even the bible guarantees it! Everyone you see, no matter how perfect their life looks has trouble. But God has overcome. It's in the bible. Check the ending. We know who wins.

But right now - tough times don't last. Tough people do. 12wbt is helping me learn just how tough I am. Ready for some sunshine though ... ok?

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  1. "toughest woman" - hope this is in a positive way.

    Love Mum