Thursday, December 8, 2011

There is no offseason

Round 3 of 12wbt officially ended Saturday.

But life doesn't stop and nothing changes. I still train. I will always train. I still eat well. I will always eat well.

I wanted to prove to myself this week that it is not about the challenge. It is not about following what is written for me. It is about being the best version of me ALL the time - because this is who I am.

So I set out to prove to myself how far I have come. To make this my biggest week ever. I wanted to challenge my body beyond where I had taken it before, and see how it responded.

This week ...

  • I have met a longheld goal that I never thought I would. Healthy weight range. The number always seemed impossible. This week I got there.

  • I have eaten clean - really clean and listened to my body

  • I have pushed hard. I have done 3 pt sessions and one group pt. I am finishing off the week with a run with the twitter #rellsrunners and coach rell, and of course the 12wbt workout

  • I have not said no. Things I thought impossible I did. I pushed harder. My box jumps were higher. My lifts were stronger. And I had fun.

  • I listened to my body. Training hard is fine, but to do so you need to rest, recover and fuel your body well. I got through this week cause I paid attention.

  • I made no excuses. To fit a 0500 group pt session in I got up at 0430 and then worked an 8hr shift that started at 0630. I made it work.

  • I shocked a few people ;) Always the fun part. Nothing coming down the gym stairs to see a guy asking your pt if he needs a hand taking the two boxing bags at the bottom back up. I just got to smile, look him in the eye and say - "nope! They're for me!" Then carry them up with confidence

  • Jumping the highest boxes, running the furtherest, knowing I not only can keep up, but hold my own.

This week has been so exciting for me.

I pushed my body, yes ... but it kept up.
I asked it to be strong and it was.

Tonight was the icing on the cake. I tried to warm up pre pt. I really did. But running on a treadmill was the last place I wanted to be. It was my own personal form of torture.

When my PT asked me what I wanted to do tonight I said "not go on the treadmill". His response was "wanna go for a run?"! Best answer ever!

After some crazy cold and wet December days, tonight was beautiful. As we went the sun was just setting and we came back in darkness. It was cool, crisp, lovely.

We ran to the river, box jumped up grandstands, lunged down paths, the park was our playground.
I felt free, alive, strong and capable. Just what I needed to do.

I love it when a pt just gets you.

This week has been a week I am proud of. Intense. There won't be a week like it for a while. As much as I loved it - I miss my solo time in the weights room. But I asked my body and it responded. I literally used to be embarrassed and ashamed of my body. I hated it. Now I know it is all kinds of awesome. It makes me proud.

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  1. LOVE this post Kath! I'm so with you on the no offseason idea! This new life is too good to put on pause while we wait for another round to start. Your PT sounds fantastic and you seem to have found a lot more in your training since starting with him. Can't wait to meet you this weekend! Hug countdown....1 day!!!!