Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finale Weekend - Part two - the workout

Nothing like a Saturday morning workout with you and 1000 or so of your closest friends to blow the cobwebs off a weekend? Hey!

The finale workout is one of my favourite parts of doing 12wbt. It is just so amazing to be with hundreds of people, all working to one goal ... improved health and fitness. Every workout I try to take a moment to stop and take in the whole scene. Just breathe it in. It really is a special moment.

People at all stages of their journey are there ... and I am so proud of them all! Especially those who are doing it tough ... but no excuses THEY ARE THERE!! I saw a few of you this weekend and I just wanted to run up and give you a hug and tell you I am proud of you. Maybe I should have. I AM SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! The 12wbt family is a family of fighters!

Pre workout I got to hug Mish! So excited! Due to the numbers I really didn't expect to catch up with her this round ... and I was ok with that. It's time to share the love.
But Mish recognised me. Hugged me. Told me how great I was looking ...
And for a moment I got to say thanks again.

And then we trained.

The training was different this round. Instead of splitting up into groups based on our fitness level, we trained as one big group.

One very big group.
In some ways I loved that. You were part of something huge.
But I must admit I missed working out with the "advanced crew"
And I really really missed seeing the excitement of the people who trained advanced for the very first time. It was like a badge of honour.

Training with my friends was amazing
My friends are from all over Australia (and the world!) and to sweat with them in the flesh is something special.

Especially my amazing twitter family.

Every time I train I learn new things about me.
This training session brought me a really big revelation.

Basically - to cope with the numbers - it was a really really big body attack class.

What I learned - although it was great and burned calories ... I really don't like body attack.

What I learned was what I love in training is to feel strong.
I run - not because I am fast - but to finish a race I need to be mentally strong, and allow my body to be strong.
I lift - because I feel the strong.
I love pt - because being strong is the only option. Not only physically - but mindset. If my mind is not strong I don't get through it.

Body attack did not make me feel strong.
And that's ok.
The more I learn about what makes me train hard - the better I can be.

At one stage a few of us had had enough of the jumping jacks and running in circles.
So we stopped and did pushups ! That was fun!

And a big thanks to coach rell - who when we were told a minute of pushups - looked at me and said "On your toes. Do not let them drop"
My form wasn't great (I STILL need to get deeper!) But I DID IT!
And without her there I wouldn't have made it!

LOVE my support crew!

And for the record - check out the QLD CREW! We came on masse and rocked Sydney.
Just like our shirts said .. We were "Unleashing our inner awesome!"

Go Qld CREW!

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