Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodby pretty shiny hair...

Yesterday I promised myself some pampering.
New hair do. Healthy lunch out. Time for me.

I felt pretty :)
On facebook I teased that I was going to text my pt and tell him I couldnt come because of pretty new shiny hair.
But that wouldnt help smash it up week.

Hitting the gym was fun. i got two you look awesomes, one wolf whistle and a you look so tiny! No wonder I like going there ;)

Pt liked the hair. He really liked the challenge of messing it up with sweat.

Here is how it went.

Run round block stopping for toe taps on benches
Box jump up stairs 3 stairs at a time ( big improvement on strength today!)
Run stairs ten times
Run block
Bag drags up stairs (two boxing bags) x3
Face plant stair climbs (ugh) up stairs ( i thought these were a one off!!
Run round block
2 min x trainer hard
Soldier hops on hands and knees up stairs
Two more rounds of faceplant stair climbs much to the amusement of after work gym arrivers
25 burpees on stairs. Run stairs . Repeat x 4
Bag drags again
5 min rower
2 min crosstrainer

And this is the result

No more brand new shiny hair.
Replaced by stinky sweaty workout hair.

I think this is more me.
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  1. yeah but Kath.. check out those muscles peeking out in that top photo - shoulder definition is looking awesome!

    Here's to sweating it out and messing it up so we look pretty when we want to! lol

  2. Wow Kath! Looking amazing!! Well done!