Saturday, December 3, 2011



I was lucky when I started 12wbt.

I got fast results.

I lost 12 kg in my first round. Within 6mths I had lost almost 20kg!

The rest has come off very very slowly.

Part of this is that weight loss naturally slows down. Part is a plateau I hit.

Part (a big part) is that I allowed far too many "slip ups" in my nutrition.

And I do think part was my mind sabotaging me - not quite ready to "finish" this and let go of who I was.

But today I am ready to do what has to be done.

As of today I am 500g off my healthy weight range.

Not goal weight because I don't know where this will be. I'm not focussing on a number. I'm letting my body guide me.

But I do want to be within the healthy range, and with my frame that is definately reasonable.


Michelle Bridges 12wbt Round 3 my have officially ended (with our big celebration party next week) but this is NOT time to rest for me.

I have 500g to lose.

I have my biggest training week ever planned this week

I have no red flag days - no reason at all not to nail my nutrition.

I am not taking that 500g to Sydney with me.

No way.

No how.

Time to get this thing done.

Reckon I can ??


  1. Absolutely sista :)

  2. 500g to go Kath, that's amazing.

    My progress has certainly been slow this round - non-existent really... but I guess I'm trying to remind myself I AM heading the right direction.

    Can't wait till you hit your goal!