Friday, December 16, 2011

Party prep ... I feel pretty!!

Finally it was time for finale party!
After my 0230 am wakeup, I managed to grab a nap in my huuuge hotel bed, and a little bit of a pre party snack ( a snack I would be very glad for later!)

Past parties have included a LOT of stress over my outfit,

My first party I never actually bought an outfit, and just as I was getting changed I discovered it was tooo big!

The second party I bought a dress last minute ... And again it was far too big!! Whoops! I seem to lose weight in those last few weeks.

This time - shopping was FUN! Getting ready was FUN! I felt pretty! Cute! Maybe a little bit glamourous!

I adore my shoes. I still can't believe I could walk in them!

Almost ready to go ... as good as it gets!

We dont have a full length mirror at home ... I *may* just have spent at least half an hour checking out my legs! That calf work is showing!

I was ready to celebrate! Feeling awesome! Loving life! Ready for the night of my life!

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