Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blown away ... and so - so honoured

I had a little secret on finale night. One that was killing me to hide from my friends who I spent the weekend with.
Days before finale I had learned I would be honoured on stage as one of the top 20 transformation finalists.

My losses - although life changing - have been spread across rounds. And they aren't as huge as so many others. So I knew I could not be up for a physical transformation.

I also really did not think I would win an award. I was excited enough to be able to be on stage - and maybe just once thank Mish again for all she has done.

But I was suprised beyond my wildest dreams! Not only did I win a prize, I won a prize as blogger award for round 3.

When I started blogging it was just for me. And maybe a few friends to give me a kick in the pants occasionally.

It was my story - just the life of a country town chick trying to get her head sorted and her body right.

It wasn't anything special. I fail a lot. I struggle. I have laughs. And I love my training. But I am far from perfect.

My blog is my heart on a plate. I share my ups, my downs ... (and my successes rather proudly too!)

I tell my story - and I really hope I can pay it forward. I hope that some other mum reads it and realises she can change not only her life - but her children's lives too.

I write so that shift workers can realise that yes shift work bites. But we can still be fit, strong and healthy.

I write so that other women getting rather too close to 40 can see that we can be strong. We can lift. We can run. We can do extraordinary things. And we do. Every single day.

My blog is my heart on a plate. To have it recognised made me feel very very special.

And I got to see Mish. And thank her. Again.

And share the stage with ROCKSTARS. You keep your popstars, sportstars and celebrities. These are the people I want to know. These people talk their talk. They ARE men and women of their word. And they are changing the world.

And I got to hug Mish. I owe her so much. And I will promise, as long as people will read I will try to pay it forward. This woman is changing the world. Her program is not just about the obesity crisis. It is about empowerment. Confidence. Being strong. Athletes for life.

Definately rockstar material

(oh - and finally - to those of you who came to me on the night and said you joined 12wbt because of my blog - I was so overwhelmed. I am so sorry I didn't get time to hear your stories in full. I want to. Please let me know on the blog or facebook. I really really could not believe that my blog actually meant enough that you would trust me and make that step.
From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Much much love xxx )


  1. I told you so *grin* so proud of you!!!!

  2. I love this post :)
    Congratulation for everything you have achieved and for helping others through your blog :)