Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finale weekend ... Rells Runners Rock!

There is something about a 12wbt weekend that makes it almost impossible to blog.
So many amazing moments. So much fun. So much self reflection. One weekend is just too small to contain it all.

And getting those emotions into a blog ... impossible.

My weekend began early. A 0500hr flight. Which meant a 0230 wakeup because I COULDN'T SLEEP.

A rush from the airport to the train to the hotel to Centennial Park. All because I wanted to meet these girls. And run.

These girls represent "Rells Runners"
A group of runners, new runners, and experienced runners from around Australia.
A group who have all been given incredible Twitter support from "CoachRell" to run, to be our best, and to get out there and just have fun with it.

Many of us have never run before 12wbt.
Some of us still struggle.
We all have different goals.

There are marathoner's amongst us.
Half marathoners
5 k-ers
Those who just run.

It doesn't matter if we run short or long, fast or slow. As long as we run.

Do you know Saturday was the first time I've run with a group?
I've run in fun runs before - part of a crowd.
But Saturday ... I was part of a team.
It was fun!
I have no idea how fast we ran. We just ran.
We talked. We laughed. We waved.
We were a team

Brought together by our Coach Rell.
She is paying it forward.

Creating the RellsRunners family.

It was the highlight of my weekend! Truly. Running together is FUN!
(Oh and it was kinda cool to be part of the crazy group that did an easy 5k just to warm up!)

(Big hugs to Rell, Jess, Nikki, Keren, Em, Jacqui, Leander, Kym, Trace, Lizzie and KEVIN BACON! I miss you! Can we run again soon???!!)

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