Friday, December 23, 2011

Resting. . By order of my body.

I still have to tell you about yesterday's smash up training session ... the result of me egging on my trainer to kill me.

It was hard. I didn't vomit. There were no tears. But it was close.

He is learning how hard to push me. It's killing me (in a fun making me awesome kind of way!)

But now is not the time for that.

Right now - in amidst the 7 million things to do - my body is screaming for rest.

And despite the fact I would like to go hard, get my life organised and had planned two more training sessions before Christmas - I am listening to it.

My body is serving me well. It is strong. It is healthy. It is coping with early mornings, late nights, and night shifts.

It is letting me run. Jump. Lift.

But now it is plum worn out.

In the past I would have gotten stressed, fought my way through and ended up a right royal mess.

Not this time.

My body is screaming for rest.
I'm going to listen.

Rehydrate. Good food. Sleep. Stretching.

Just what my body ordered.

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