Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miss Gabs

Do you know what makes 12wbt special to me?

The supporters. Our cheerleaders. Our safety net when things fall apart.

Michelle has set us up with our ready made support crew. Dietitians, trainer, people who walk their talk. Ask a question on 12wbt and an expert is there to answer it for you.

In my first round, I noticed Miss Gabi. Gabi is a PT in Sydney, and one of Mish's best friends. Her posts come across with a real JOY for life ... and she knows lots!

I really came to respect Gabi in my first two rounds. Ask a question about spin bike setup, or why the chest track in pump was killing my shoulder and she would respond.

And she responded in depth. Her knowledge was amazing, but she had a way to communicate in print that somehow I could understand just like she was there showing me. She had a real passion for making sure we had the best information and was set up to succeed.

I am someone who loves to learn and wants to know EVERYTHING so I loved her detailed posts.

And CHEERLEADER! Boy could this girl make you feel like a ROCKSTAR!

It was something special.

Then my third round came round.
Gabi cheered me on to my first 10k at Gold Coast.

She exuded passion and celebrated with me.

And then my world started to crash and burn.

Tragedy hit close and I had a big emotional involvment in it.

I had to be physically, emotionally and mentally strong.

And it was horrific.

Gabi was the first person to give me permission to be weak. I reached out to her, and in an email that exuded love, she firmly reminded me about EXTERNAL excuses and that some things were too too tough. And that even Mish gave us permission not to be perfect when these things happened.

It's funny - by giving me that permission, I was able to forgive myself, and get back into the program stronger than ever.

Round 2 finale in Brisbane was so special to me.

I finally got to hug Gabi and thank her.

And then, during the awards, I stood near her, and her passion for 12wbt shone!

Every announcement she would get so passionate and excited!

"You should see this photo! See that belly! That was visceral fat. It was killing her! And LOOK AT HER!"

Every award winner made her so excited.

This is Gabi's passion. She lives and breathes health and fitness, and in her words -she has the best job in the world.

This round Gabi has again supported me when things fell apart.

Her knowledge had me (and my backside!) well prepared for the Spinathon!

And she celebrated Miss 6 participating too!!

Hugging Miss Gabi at finale is one of my favourite moments.

I can honestly say she is an enormous support to me.
Gabi - you DO makea difference!

Big Big love to you my friend. THANK YOU for showing me that health and fitness was something to be passionate about!

You are a rockstar indeed!

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  1. What a wonderful post!! It's great to have such a strong pillar of support!