Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dream it ... Do it ...

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I dreamed i could make a difference.

That some way i could make sense of my uncle's cancer diagnosis and bring some good in his name.

I dreamed i could run further and longer than i ever have before,

I dreamed i would take part in a swarm of runner's all running because they can!!!

I am so so soooooo close.

I've done the miles. I've tested my gear. Everything is booked.

And thanks to you guys ... Ive raised $750!!! My ultimate out there dream goal was $1000!!!

Can you help get me there??? If you read my blog ... If my posts have helped or inspired you ... If you've shared in my journey would you contemplate going to my fundraising page and donating $2 or $5 or more...??

Maybe the cost of your morning cup of coffee??

12 weekers are awesome!!! I am so proud of the family we are!!

You can donate here ---->
( and i primise no more donation pleas after next week!!!)

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