Sunday, June 19, 2011

All kinds of awesome!!!

It's no secret I have been struggling lately.

But i am not giving in. This is about the best version of me and i AM going to find her!
Actually I've been doing some heavy thinking lately ... I have a big blog post to come tonight! Lots of breakdowns and breakthroughs.

On saturday i went to run. I so wanted it to be a good run. I needed it to be. Gold coast is getting soooo close.

Well it wasnt. It was awful.

The first two km i went toooo fast. I was averaging 6min/km pace. It felt great while it lasted ... BUT i couldnt sustain it.
Then at three km i needed a stop. (TMI!!! thank goodness for public toilets)!!!

After that i couldnt get my mind straight. I ran some, walked some, and stopped short of 5km.
Cruddy cruddy run.

My twitter buddies were there for me however. They are helping me ... Reminding me to find my joy again.
Slooooooow and long. Slooooooow.

So yestday i headed out again.
Slooooow and long.
Run with a smile.
Find the joy.

I put some favourite upbeat music on.
And i ran.

The first three km i found it hard to get my breathing smooth. So i slowed down, and ran.
Km 5 and 6 hurt ... But once i got to 7 i found a rhythm.
My aim was for 7km but i kept going.

Km 7-8 flew by.
Km 9 i was smiling hard!!
Km 10 i sprinted home!!!

10km done!!!

And it was fun!!

I felt awesome!!

I am ready to finish my training for gold coast now!
I can do the distance.
Now i just have to get strong.

My twitter crew i love you!!!! You belive in me!! I need that!!!

Yesterday was all kinds of awesome!!!

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  1. That is fantastic and an awesome time too! My 10k's are another 10-15mins on that!
    I so need to learn how to take pic of my runkeeper on the iphone too!