Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Save money ... Less waste ... Improve your health

So many of mish's recipes call for stock. But commercial salts, even the low salt versions are expensive, above the salt recomendations and full of ingredients i can't pronounce.

But if you have a crockpot you can make stock easily with no fuss at all.

Today I have vegetable stock on the way.
Celery, carrots, garlic skins, capsicum and zuchinni scraps, oh and onion ... Skins and all. Plus water and pepper.

Pop them in the crockpot and simmer all day.
Then cool, sieve the pieces out and freeze the liquid for a nutritious no salt stock.

I save my vege peels and scraps (washed) for a day or two. Then i make a big batch!!

I freeze in small quantities and have stock when i need it for pretty much no cost since i am just using scraps!!

For chicken stock ... We buy whole freerange chooks and split them ourselves into pieces as it is less expensive ... Then we can use the frames for stock. Or you can purchase the frames very cheaply from your supermarket or butcher!!

Easy as ... And it needs no stirring or fussing. It cooks while i go about my day.

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