Saturday, March 22, 2014

On injury, frustration .... and lego????

Some people when they get injured have great stories to follow!
Stories of bravery ... and adventure ... and big crashes!

Me - I get lego.

Seems a few months back I hurt my foot - so badly it effects my every day. If I sit for a bit I limp in pain till it frees up. I have two pairs of shoes I can tolerate and won't tell you how much I've spent on ones that don't work.

Some days walking 2kms means I am feet up in pain the rest of the day.

So - I went to the podiatrist ... as you do ... ready for an answer and a CURE!

Seems not. I have the unglamourous sounding injury to the fat pad of my heal. Most common cause?? Stepping on a lego. Estimated time to heal - 6-18 MONTHS.

Time is really the only cure.

So if you are wondering where I have been that is where. Limping in frustration and sulking at the card I've been dealt.

Well guess what. I can't stand doing nothing anymore.

I am declaring the next 4 weeks rehab week.
Instead of doing the training I love ... I am gearing up for a boring mind numbing month of cross trainer, bike and rower. Anything that keeps the weight off my heal.

Stubbornly I am still doing some step classes but doing all the low impact moves.

And I'm commencing back at strength training - hopefully I can tolerate that.

Honestly - it sounds crazy but such a simple thing hurts like hell.

This is my plan to hopefully drop some weight (which might help) and build some fitness while I wait for it to fix - without causing anymore damage.

Now - the question is ....

How do I make the cross trainer fun?????

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