Sunday, March 23, 2014

A tale of two journeys

Some days I find writing on this blog a trifle confusing.

It is like I have two completely different journeys and I am trying to combine them both on the one blog. It's a tad confusing.

There is the story of the old me. Who did 12wbt. Lost the weight and became unstoppable!
The me with confidence and a desire to go hard.

And now there is the me now.
Tired. Frustrated. Overweight again. (and more than a little mad at myself for getting here again!)

I had thought about starting a new blog. A new blog for a new journey.

But I don't want to forget where I came from.

Reading back shows me this isn't new. This is just me getting back and doing what I was doing back then.

I hope I don't confuse you too much with my two stories.

Tell me - new blog or stay here??

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