Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It takes a village ...

Remember #fighterbabe?

That little miracle we never thought we would have?

Well here she is - 19 months and a running jumping leaping FIRECRACKER through and through!!

She makes exercise a little difficult at time. She wants MUM and wants mum with her. A lot.
(and you can't exactly leave a baby at home while you go train!!)

This week - I have trained. And like the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" - it is completely because of my village!

This week my training has been possible because ...

  • of my husband. Who rushes home and cooks dinner so I can sneak a workout in.
  • my hubby who also takes her in Bob our running pram every parkrun
  • the parkrunners that quietly keep an eye out for the runaway toddler every week I'm sure!
  • My step buddies. Who miss a track - or two - and dance and cajole Miss A so mummy can do a bit more
  • The other mothers in the step class - who watched my baby while they were watching their own.
  • My bestest buddy miss Sonja - who keeps quietly smiling at me cause she knows how hard this is for me - and offers to leave her own class if I need.
  • Even instructors at the gym who I caught playing "peekaboo" and laughing with her this morning (thanks Nikki!)
It takes a village! I'm so grateful for mine (and if you see a mum with a toddler or a baby at your gym give them a smile. Help them carry their bags or put their gear away after class! It's hard to put your health first! Especially when babies want to play!)

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