Monday, March 24, 2014

MyZone Match

One of the rather cool things about my gym is it is part of the myZone network.

You can purchase a belt (or win one in challenges) which records your heart rate and other data. It then flashes this on the screen as you work out and shows you what "zone" you are working in.

(as well as heaps of other useful stuff like send you your data via email at the end of each session)

Well ... Yesterday was the start of something new! And for me - it will be awesome!

Zone Match.

Basically at a prescheduled time zone match is activated in the cardio room. You pop on a piece of equipment with your belt on - and an interval based program will start. Your job is to try to keep up with the zones on the screen!

So yesterday was steep intervals. Basically 1min in the blue zone, 1 in the red. And continue. For 20min.

For me it was awesome. Mind games to take my mind off being stuck in the gym. And I worked HARD. Sweat was pouring off. It felt like the old me.

My stats for the session (so I can compare later)

Class: Steep Intervals

Zone Match: 25.98%

MEPs: 84 
Duration: 00:21 
Av Effort: 89% 
Calories: 207 
Av Heart Rate: 159 

I'll definately be back

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