Sunday, April 29, 2012

Keeping it real - 22 weeks.

Inspired by my friend Rell at Keeping it real (Rell is a pt and also pregnant! And my twitter running coach!) I am starting a weekly update on life, eating, fitness, my pregnancy and KEEPING IT REAL!

Rell says in her blog this week
So I’ve decided that every Sunday I’m going to try and blog about how I’ve manage to keep it real in the week just gone. This weekly blog will be a way for me to show gratitude for the things I have in my life, to keep grounded, to recognize the things I have achieved and to keep a record of exercise and food as well
I read her blog and loved it. So often we get caught up in the massive achievements - or only blog the BIG things in our fitness life. With Rell, I am going to Keep it Real. Blog the every day. The good and the bad. And be thankful for just where I am at.

Week 22
For me, this week has been a harder one emotionally. I think I am starting to realise how much of a mental buzz I got off the huge fitness goals I was smashing pre pregnancy. Now that I am starting to feel my limitations a little, I let myself get down and frustrated. Having bootcamp cancelled this week did NOT help my mood! I think I am also starting to worry a little about getting this weight off after baby.

Thankfully though, I have very good friends. My twitter buddies especially. Rell and Leander really helped ground me Friday night. They put things in perspective and helped me breathe again.
Saturday also gave me a real gift into my mindset, and where I am right now. I won't get into that right now ... I want to blog that separately. But let me just say I feel so much more at peace.

This week has been an eye opener. I've used the pregnancy as an excuse. What began as a coping strategy to cope with nausea and tiredness has allowed too many bad eating habits to creep in. I'm not eating well and I know it. To make it worse I really wasn't enjoying eating this way. I've really started to focus on turning this around. I'm not counting calories or being strict, but I'm focussing on balance and nutrition. I've had a big mindset change.

I'm starting to realise how quickly this time is going! I'm still feeling quite well, and not nearly as sore as I remember feeling with Miss E. In fact, I feel quite guilty at times for feeling so great! I feel like my belly is showing but I'm yet to feel huge. Movement is much more regular and comforting. And hubby has finally felt bub move! I am starting to get an awareness that even though we still have around 18 weeks to go it is going to start going fast! I've been pottering around the nursery and having heaps of fun there!

My exercise
I am loving strength training still. PT this week made me feel awesome! Bootcamp was cancelled (TWICE) and that made me sad :( I haven't done any classes this week, but plan to next week as the new releases come out. I've started to enjoy walking again - as is my dog Mish. I need baby to move off my bladder though! Two toilet stops on one walk is ridiculous! My highlight of the week was training with Emazon and getting to hit HARD. Makes me feel so empowered!

I have had a sick Miss 6 at home for three days this week which has been lovely to have her around, but frustrating in that I didn't get the things I want done around my home. I am starting to nest a little I think (getting into the grouting with a toothbrush is a good sign!) I think baby is a vegetarian. Meat turns my stomach quite often. I'm excited about some special birthdays next week xx

Next week
Nutrition is my key focus, plus planning for a certain miss 6 to become Miss 7! I'm looking to balance next week and making better use of my time! Might be time for the to do list to come out!

Keeping it real this week means starting to accept the limitations I have, and realising how much I love being present for my family. The support of friends has rocked my world!

Thanks Rell for the inspiration! Bring on next week!

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