Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cauliflower crusted pizza!

OK, I admit it. When I saw this recipe today I had my doubts. It intrigued me. But could it work?

Pizza with a cauliflower crust!

In googling for tips and different recipes I found many many different blogs and sites with ideas, so I struggle to give an original source. Instead this is a mish mash of many recipes and a few adaptions of my own.

This fed a family of 2 adults plus one hungry 6 year old with leftovers.

I used one entire head of cauliflower. I weighed it first. About 1 kg.
Step one is to grate the cauliflower into rice size grains. Once again I am so thrilled that I have the grater attachement for my kitchenaid! It makes tasks like this easy - but you could use an old fashioned grater.
Microwave the cauliflower for 8 minutes. Do NOT add ANY water. There is enough moisture in the cauliflower itself. You are trying to dry it out as much as possible.

Then you need to cool the cauliflower to room temp. I laid it out on a clean teatowel to speed this up, then used the towel to squeeze the last of the moisture out. The dryer the cauliflower the better your base will be.
Add 2 eggs. About 100g of light mozarella cheese, and italian herbs, garlic, whatever you like to flavour the base. Mix well.

Press into pizza shaped bases. You don't want them too thick, or too thin. The base will not rise but it needs to hold your toppings.

TIP!!! The base I made on baking paper worked MUCH BETTER! I highly recommend using the baking paper!

Bake at 240C for about 16 minutes. You need to dry the base out. It should just be starting to brown. If it is moist in the middle pop it back in for a few minutes.

Add your toppings. You will really just reheat these. So if you are adding meats, veges that need cooking or softening it is best to do this first.

Cook for 5 min until cheese melted!

This was suprisingly good. Naturally gluten free for husband. Miss 6 loved it! If you cut smallish slices it could be eaten without a knife and fork.

And it did NOT taste like cauliflower.

This mix made three small pizzas for us. None of us ate an entire one. I still have half leftover. I think the cauliflower makes it very filling.

The base mix is approx 750cal. (divided by 3 pizzas = 250 cal each). Don't forget to add your toppings. I really don't think it needed as much cheese on the top as we used as there is cheese flavouring the base.

And for me, each pizza served 2 meals, especially with a small salad.

Something a bit different and a great way of getting extra veges and fibre in our diet!


  1. I will definately try this, its far healthier than the normal pizza base. thanks

  2. yum, the base alone sounds good to me, I love cauliflower & cheese.

  3. Looks delicious. What a great idea. Definatly got to try it. Thanks