Thursday, April 5, 2012

19 weeks training update~

19 weeks has been a fun week! I've said goodbye to the vomits and finally have some energy!

It started last Sunday - training with the Qld crew at Pain in paradise in Newfarm Park. It was a great session. Far too many burpees for my liking. But beautiful weather. And there is nothing like training with my Qld crew to make me train hard!

I did claim a pregnancy concession. On chest to ground pushups and burpees - if the belly hit the ground before the chest I took that as good enough. Oh - and sprints! I haven't sprinted in months! It felt so AWESOME to run!

I got to catch up with Ange and the amazing crew! Fun!!

Monday was pt. Gym session. Honestly - I did not want to go. But once I got there the switch clicked over - and the training began. Sometimes I find gym sessions frustrating - I'm not as strong as I was - but right now it is all about maintaining my core and the strength I can.

Tuesday I was tired. Walk time and rest day. I'm ok with that!

Wednesday I joined the girls for BOOTCAMP! Bootcamp is back locally and in a big way! Tyre flips. Kettlebells . Squats. Burpees.

I've started adapting exercises when I feel I need to - the thing I love about my journey is not only am I able to recognise when I need to adapt things - like when my core can't maintain the form - but I know enough about exercise now that I generally am able to choose a substitute pretty easily to suit.

Thursday I walked again -

And today - Good Friday was the mother of bootcamps! Held locally again we had trailers to push, logs to carry, tyres to boxjump and flip. So thankful I brought my gloves along! It was fun. It was challenging. It was awesome!

So I'm here and I'm still training. Some sessions are more intense than others - but that's ok. To me right now it's all about maintaing some level of fitness, but mainly keeping the habit.

Exercise is for life. I'm in a season now where I need to pace myself. And that's ok.

I need to train. It keeps me sane!

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  1. You are nearly halfway there, wow! So happy for you :) and it sounds like you have a wonderful balance & are so in-tune with your body.