Friday, April 27, 2012

My inspirational 12wbter

Mish has asked us to share with her a 12wbter who inspires us. I jumped at the chance. She might live far too far away - but 12wbt has found me a great friend, an inspiration and a #strongwomen role model!

This is my entry ...

Hi Mish and team!!!!

My inspirational 12wbter is someone I have seen grow and push on despite a whole heap of setbacks. Not just one round but FIVE now.

She may be quiet on the forums - but 12wbt is more than forums. Her support on twitter to so many of us is HUGE. What I really love is she encourages women to be STRONG! She is teeny tiny in height but what she is achieving is huge!

As soon as I saw this suprise, I jwanted to send you a shout out about Leander. She is a quiet achiever on 12wbt. She tends to fly under the radar - but I want you to know all about her!

Leander is up to her 5th (I think) round of 12wbt. Over this time she has lost over 50kg!! She has a tiny 5" nothing frame ... the difference is spectacular!

This includes last round when she was injured (and rehabing under the care of a physio team ) and forbidden to train. She stuck 100% to clean nutrition - (and she is vegetarian btw) and lost 10kg that round! No excuses. Can't train - it's all about the nutrition. And although the rehab process almost killed her mentally she stayed true to the program and kept pushing me and other twitter family to smash goals I knew she was dying to achieve.

This round she can train again and she is training hard. Crossfit. 12wbt sessions. Strength sessions. And because running was her mental block - she is even working with a run coach! No barriers!

Oh and even though she hadn't done any long runs she jumped on board with the rellsrunners team and ran with us before the workout in centennial parklands!

She works on her mindset constantly. Not only through Mish's work - but 1-1 sessions with Emma from Emazon Chronicles. She knows the importance of getting the head right.

This round has been a tough round for Leander. Basically after finale last round her world fell apart, and everything as she knew it pretty much changed. It was a tough time. I would have crumbled.
This girl took no excuses. She has thrown her hurt into training.

At finale last year she told me how much she hates boxjumps. Can't get her head around them. So ... what does she do? Conquer the 23" boxjump!
PB for deadlift? 70kg 4RM (and she is just back from rehab)
Hates running? well - she is training to run at Gold Coast.
Starts training with a strength coach? Shoulder press 65kg!

On top of this she is an enthusiasic supporter of all of us on twitter (and is making sure I do NOT use pregnancy as an excuse and still lift and train!)

I have NEVER seen a girl use so few excuses. SHe is gorgeous and kind and beautiful and you need to know about her!

She truly is the spirit of 12wbt.

Her goal - is to turkish getup what she has lost. Over 50kg. Good luck to her! Better her than me!

Oh and the pic (she may kill me) is before 12wbt - and the day after the party in Sydney. Finally off rehab conditions (well almost) and doing a handstand push up out side Adriano Zumbos! (Secretly - there were handstand pushups at the finale party too mish! You miss all the fun stuff!)


  1. what a beautiful tribute to a very inspiring lady - thanks for sharing it, Kath.

  2. this is beautiful, Kath. Wow, how inspiring she is and what a great tribute from you.