Sunday, May 6, 2012

Keeping it real. 24 weeks!

6 months! Can you believe it! I am still amazed and blessed that I am still here ... still training for two ... and still living the life I have dreamed of for SO long!
Once again with Rell, from I am blogging this week on life, nutrition, fitness and my pregnancy! All honest. No perfection. Just Keeping it real.

In big news this week - Miss 6 became Miss SEVEN! Yep - my girl had a birthday and she seems SO GROWN UP! I cannot believe I am the mother of a SEVEN YEAR OLD!

Which kind of leads in to ....


Yes. We had a birthday. Which meant a birthday party. Our parties have changed. There were a LOT of healthy options. There was also cake. A four layer white chocolate cake with raspberry flavoured icing. YUM! (I LOVE to bake!)

And there were meals out. Far too many of them.

As Rell eluded to her in her blog tonight, I too am feeling the effects of too much sugar. Not just sugar but salt from meals out. Even choosing the healthy options, there is hidden salt and between that and the pregnancy it is leaving me feeling so dehydrated.

So my focus this week is to NOT eat sugar. And to drink water. Lots of water. My body is craving it so much it is waking me at night. Back to basics again I think.


Ok it's a bad pic taken by Miss 6/7 on my way to bootcamp, but this week I feel like I've exploded!
I'm still fitting into my medium Lorna Jane clothes, and I am still happy with my weight gain. I AM however feeling the effects of baby! I feel shorter of breath, and it is definately harder to bend over!

Sleep is not great. I wake up a lot at night. Which can make work a little tougher, but overall I'm doing well. Lots of regular movements to calm my paranoia, and no new symptoms. Obstetritian appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully another boring one!

My exercise
As I mentioned in the pregnancy comments, I am starting to feel the effects of my added bulk around the middle!

Running is hard, even though all I am doing now is short shuttle runs. I get out of breathe very fast. At PT this week we did boxing which suits me perfectly right now. Friday's bootcamp was a struggle. I found it much harder and am starting to speak out and say that I'm just doing things differently. And I'm ok with that. The social aspect of bootcamp is good for me. It keeps me focussed on my long term goals. And it makes me happy. I am just going to have to jog when they run, walk when I tire, and go low impact all the way!

Today bump and I went for a 5k walk. No speed records for sure but it was good for my head, and my heart, and my body. It gave me focus. So my new plan is to walk. 5 km a day (unless my body tells me otherwise) and do extra training only if I feel like it. But walking will be my baseline, keep the exercise habit going, and remind me that this is who I am. Someone who trains no matter what.


I've been working on my mindset, and I will be blogging about that more soon. The session I spent with Emazon of was amazing and just what I needed. I know where I am, and where I am going. I just need to get my mind following that path. And it will. The woman I am will insist on it!

I'm in shock that this pregnancy is starting to speed up! It seems to be going much faster now. Maybe I'm nesting but I'm so focussed right now on removing any clutter from our home pre baby - so much so that I have set myself a daily decluttering requirement and I am ruthless about it!

And I was blessed to spend the weekend home with my family. I've missed them. They are my roots. They ground me. My heart feels so much stronger since I've been home.

This week

This week I am focussing on getting the food right, keeping hydrated, and playing with my training to see what feels right. Take it easy - but not too easy. Keep focussed, strong and Keeping it real.

Much love xxx

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  1. So thrilled to read this update - well done
    Yay for 24 weeks
    Love the pic of your view of belly