Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coming clean ...

If there is one thing 12wbt has taught me ... it is all about the nutrition.
Eat clean - you will get results.
Eat crap - you will feel crap, look crap and get stuff all results to talk about.

Plain and simple - food is THE most important part of the program.

Well - I am coming to realise ... that my nutrition has slipped way below the standard I would expect of myself, and I am feeling the results of the bad choices I am making.

Yes I am pregnant. Yes I am meant to be gaining weight. And I am fine with that. But it is more than that. I feel sluggish. Bloated. My body is not happy with the balance that is going in.

Right now, as Mish would say ... is when I need to be focussing on OPTIMAL nutrition! After all - my body is growing another human being ! And on top of that it is still working and training! It is amazing!

So once again - the line in the sand is drawn. I will be accountable.

I am going to eat clean, focus on my nutrition, and to stay accountable I will blog this week how I am going.

Mish's eating plans rock. But right now - I am simplifying them.
Why? Because there are foods right now that turn my stomach. There are foods I couldn't force my body to eat if I tried. And from time to time the nausea is still making some foods impossible.

I have spent the night printing my favourite of Mish's recipes. The ones that fit our lifestyle, our tastes and are time and pregnancy friendly. I have planned for success and I expect to succeed.

How is your nutrition this week? If you are firing - AWESOME! Tell us how you feel!

If you are struggling . Stop. You know what to do. Draw the line. And get results.

Kath xxx

(BTW - although I will share what I eat, and probably photos too - I will not share recipes! This is Mish's program and I love it and believe in it! It works as a package - nutrition, fitness and mindset. I respect Mish and her work.)

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