Sunday, September 3, 2017

The courage to start ... again?

Well the last few years have been a journey. I've had some amazing adventures and done some incredible things! Gold coast half marathon ... Warwick pentathrun (all five!) ... Glowworm trail half ..

But what I haven't done is lose the weight. In fact I've  gained.

And .. for a while you think you are doing ok. It's just a number right?

Well - that number is coming back to bite me. Health problems keep firing at me ... and to be honest most of them will be eased by getting that weight off. It isn't a game anymore ... this is life.

It's time to (wo)man up and get the job done.

This isn't about vanity - this is quality of life.

Hello 12wbt. Hello going back to basics. Hello giving up my caffeine overload. And hello to putting me first again.

Time to find that focus. And that courage again.

I know how sweet the rewards can be - it's time to hunt them down.

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