Sunday, August 11, 2013

Learning to walk before I fly

Last round was a bust.
You probably figured that when I posted about kick off - then was never seen again.

But this round I am back.
And I think I have found my fire again.

Wins from last round ... I didn't gain any weight.
And I started to spend some time finding time for me.
I began working on my mental health - looking for balance
And sought the sunshine anytime I could.

I'm not going to lie.

I find this first year with a baby to be tough tough tough.

And I have a delightful baby - but I do get lost in the new mama fog.

My birthday is in March.
I'm turning 40.

I want to be happy and confident at 40 - not wishing I had made the first step - then kept going.

I am making some changes in how I approach this.

The biggest one.

I am NOT going to relearn to run.


Which is strange because running  is how I know I am fit and happy!

But trying to run (and I really can't) is making me sad and depressed - then I don't train.

So - I am starting with baby steps.

I am walking in the sunshine every day.

And doing the beginner program.

And one day - when I run (and I will) it will be from a fitness and weight basis that can sustain it.

My BIG goal this round?

To find the FUN again.

To stop making it all too hard - then getting sad about what I can't/don't do.

I am going to make health FUN for my whole family.
The rest of the goals will follow.

Thanks for those of you who are still out there wondering where on earth ShrinkingKath went!

I am back - I just got a little muddled for a while

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