Sunday, August 11, 2013


Yep - I sure do have goals this round!!

They are very different to the goals I've had in the past - goals to lean up, run far, lift heavy.

But I am SO excited about them.

SO - here we go.

1. Weight. Yep - I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a weight loss goal. It's not because I think I need to be a certain number. But it's because the fat I am carrying is stopping me do some really cool things (like run!). So yes. A weight loss goal is big for me.

My aim is to lose at LEAST 10kg. Part of me wants that to be 15 - probably possible - and gets me halfway to where I want to be. But 10kg would make big differences to my health and is DEFINATELY achieveable. Let's just call it 10-15 ...

2. Dress size. This means more to me. I want to feel more comfy in my clothes. Goal #1 - to get back into my size 14 work clothes. And my LJ workout gear!

3. This is my big overwhelming overruling goal. TO FIND THE FUN.I've gotten so caught up in the would could shoulds that I do nothing. And training and healthy food is just plain hard work again. But it shouldn't be. I am finding the fun.

Right now I am FORBIDDING myself to run. Yes - running makes me feel AWESOME - but at this weight and fitness - it is just hard work. Instead I am walking, doing classes, hiking - doing what is fun. And when my weight drops and fitness increases - then I might think about running again.

I am making food fun. For the whole family. I have noticed Miss E is asking more and more for "treats". My mission - to make food and healthy eating so great again. To bring in variety and creativity for both my girls.

And well - really goal wise that is it.

There are things I would love to do - like run 5k. Increase my ab strength. Begin lifting heavy again.

But what I am doing is focussing on those top three goals that will be a start for me.
And follow the program.

Cause if I trust in the process - all those extra goals will come with time.

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  1. They are some really cool goals you have there. I like how you're thinking!