Sunday, May 12, 2013

And we have KICKOFF!!!

Day 1
Rd 2

This is the one where I get my head back in the game.

I LOVE that we can customise the menus. So many excuses gone just with that!

So far so good. Food on track. Drinking my water.

I was going to train when Miss 8 was at dance this afternoon or maybe tonight.

But the day was cool and I thought JFDI and went after lunch.


Day 1 of the learn to run (again) program!
My intervals were longer than Mish's and I did a couple extra.

So that was good

But the biggest win ...

Fighterbabe asleep in the Bob and then stealth ninja transfer of sleeping baby to cot!
Result! Naptime with no settling  battle!!

The exercise program for today only gave me 311 cal burnt so I'm off on a walk later this arvo I think.

Oh and a massive thanks to all who sent messages of support. Yep  - I've got this ... and when I need holding up .. I've got people around me who've got my back. Love ya xx

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