Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Laying it on the line

This is me now.

Tired. Sleep deprived (well that is normal - I have an 8mth old!) Unfit. And wait for it ... 30kg over my pre preg weight.


I ate my way through all day morning sickness - morning sickness till the day I gave birth.

I ate my way through the early days.

And now I eat if I'm happy, tired, cranky , frustrated - not to mention all those mummy and baby coffee shop catch ups!

But the biggest thing is I don't feel like me and I don't feel happy.

I feel trapped and tired ... the two things I know that taking  control of my life will fix.

And so I am . I'm saying it out loud cause I've pretended to long things are ok.

And they aren't.

It's time I felt like me again.

I'm signing up for rd 2 of 12wbt. Not because I believe it is the be all and end all and only way I can lose weight.

But because it is an excellent tool for a time poor me.

My menus and workouts are there and waiting. And even better this round, I can swap things around on the menu and it will personalise my shopping list just for me!

See me hanging around the learn to run program. That 5k is my biggest goal this round!

And the mums and bubs forum of course.

In the meantime , I am making time for me, eating better, and walking to build up some strength.

And fighterbabe loves our walks too xx

Bless xx


  1. Thank you.
    I have put on weight over the break since I bruised a bone in my foot in December (months of healing). I did a 5k with my baby brother and my nephew a few weeks ago and it felt great even though we didn't run the whole thing. I have been feeling really awful so I am getting back into it. Thank you for being you and reminding me that it is just about deciding to do it ♥

  2. Well done Kath - you know I'm one of your biggest supporters and I LOVE that you are taking this on - particularly with your VERY busy life.
    We know that 12wbt works - and having the meals and shopping list set out just makes it easier.

    I'll be here pushing you along whenever you need it - YAY for running!!