Monday, September 22, 2014

The one in which I finally blog! Twilight Bay Fun Run

Oh boy has it been a long time between blogs.

I think because this time ... I truly am doing this for me. I'm accountable to me. And the biggest reward I can get ... is the quiet knowing in myself that I am sticking to my word and following the plan.

But this I have to share.

I've learnt to run again.

It's not always pretty. I'm definately not fast. But I am loving it. When I am on the road I feel like me again.

Way back before I started my baby 1 minute running intervals I signed up for a fun run - even though I couldn't run.

Why? Well one - because my friend Sonja ran her first half at Gold Coast - and through rejoicing with her I realised how much I missed it!

And two - because I knew without a deadline ... I just would flounder again.

So I signed up for the Twilight Bay Fun Run. And with the support of the Operation Move girls I got going. Baby steps. But moving towards the goal.

When I signed up my goal was to run most of the way. At least 3k. And come in under 45 min.

But by race day - 12 (ish) weeks later - I knew I totally had this one.

How did I know this? Because for once I had found a plan. Stuck with it. Done the hard yards. Before the race had started I had a pretty good idea of how i

For me - one of the most exciting things - was I was sharing this day with my daughter and my friend. My girl has become an awesome runner. She is determined and focused and she LOVES it. What more could I want?

We got there early - we were organised. The sun was shining and life was good!

It was funny. When I entered this race I wanted to tell no one. And ALL these people I knew entered too! It drove me bonkers! But ... by the time the day came I was glad to have my sole sisters with me. They were my best encouragement and I think they were truly joyful to see me out there again!

And by the time we started I just wanted to run. I wanted to do it - and prove to myself that I could.

Now - pre twilight  not everything was smooth. I've been working through injuries (plantar fasciitis and shin splints!) and even a few days before was having issues. In fact I ended up running in my besties shoes! It was an interesting week.

And then we started. And it was fun.
I had decided to run without music. And I'm glad I did. The sound of feet hitting pavement was almost meditative. It calmed me and got me in a rhythm. It pushed me forward against a headwind and got me a very nice first split. Sub 7min km! My fastest yet!

I maintained a similar pace for the second 5k, and then the headwind truly hit in. It was hard. But I was determined I wasn't stopping.

Around the 3k mark my friend's husband and their boys were sitting on the sidelines with their motivational posters - (worst parade ever!). It was the boost I needed. PP had told his wife he was sitting there cause that would be where we needed him and he was right. Just before an uphill session and the wind hitting us hard.

The run to the turnaround point took FOREVER. I really should check out the course maps better.I kept expecting to see it any moment ... and I was always wrong.

Normally a turnaround point is a joyous thing. The last 2ish km's home should have been a breeze. Except ... for the breeze ... or the wind that had turned into something to combat.

Passing PP and the boys again - PP got up and gave me a high 5. Best Ever. To all the sideline encouragers in any event - you are awesome!
And then - it was time to slog it home. I kept trying to pick up the pace - but that wasn't going to happen. I tried popping a song on to see if it would help get me home (it was MEANT to be Footloose!) but instead ... a colour meditation track came up on my phone! Whoops! That wasn't going to work - so music went off again.

I swear the course measured long (by my garmin) and those last 100m were hard. But there is nothing as sweet as a finish line. Well except for a finish line with your friends waiting at it to rejoice with you. I truly didn't expect to see them there . They had a half about to start. And they waited for me. I hope they know how much that meant.

My girl of course finished way before me. She is awesome. I am so proud of her - as she ran most of it on her own (her dad helped her get started and made sure she was right to go on) Sub 26min. Rockstar

And me? I finished in a net time of 36:45, A big pb. My previous 5k pb was 38min.

Very very happy!

I have lots of new goals. Big goals. Like running Gold Coast again. And maybe - just maybe tackling the half.
And a LOT of goals that lead up to that one big goal. But I have a plan - and faith that it could happen.

It was a joy to run again. I think it was an even BIGGER joy to hang around and cheer my friends on as they ran their half marathon! THEY ROCKED IT. I honestly think that was more fun than running it.

So there you go. First run report post baby. As my friend told me. Back in the game baby.

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