Sunday, August 3, 2014

Couch to 5 k ... 5 weeks in

Yesterday marked the completion of week 5 of the couch to 5k for me. Four more weeks to go.

It was a week I was looking forward to ... and dreading a little as well.

In  week 5 the intervals grow ... and it ends with one straight 20 min interval. A BIG step up from the 5 min intervals of the week before.

Week 5 is about not only your fitness - but mentally deciding it will be done - and making it happen.

I had set myself up for the best success I could.
I chose a good course.
I had pep talks with a good friend, and also Rell, my old running coach.

Her words were in my head.

Long and slow. That is how she taught me to increase distance - and this is no difference.

And it was slow. I forced myself to slow. I wanted to complete the interval no matter what.

And I did.

20 min straight. Even with a headwind on the return trip.

THIS was the mental battle I needed to win and I did it!

This runner girl is back!!!

Bring on week 6!

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  1. So great to see you back at it! I've found it really hard to get back into running after 2 years of diddling about with it! Didn't think to re-do the Couch to 5k program that got me started!